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Tutoring philosophy

01. StudY HABITS

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Personalised plan of action and timeline
  • Commitment
  • Problem solving
  • Seeking good teacher-student relationships


  • Logical flow of thought
  • Categorising and linking information
  • Analysing and evaluating evidence
  • Writing clear, well-structured essays
  • Creating effective study sheets for STEM classes
  • Summarising notes & effective note-taking strategies
  • Application of familiar concepts to unfamiliar problems  
  • Keeping calm under high pressure settings, such as exams, interviews


  • Grade-based results
  • Skills-based results

one-on-one tutoring

Subjects currently offered for tutoring are: 

Lessons will be conducted online only.


Group lessons consisting of min. 5 students per class are available upon request. Lessons are 60 minutes, with time for questions after class. Topics range from curriculum material to more specific skills that students will encounter in the classroom, such as: 
Students may also submit their own topics of interest to discuss in group lessons.

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